A collection of notes from the Iranian diaspora.
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“I didn’t care about Iranians liking them or not,” he says. “My intention was to bring my culture to the world, because it was completely ab­sent in the history of pop cul­ture and the history of fashion.”

—    Nima Behnoud, creator of NIMANY,  totally lying to Rolling Stone (Middle East) about the absence of Iranian culture in western pop culture or fashion before he started making T-shirts. Seriously, Nima? Yes, your t-shirts are popular and selling well, but it would serve you better to acknowledge your forebears and recognize that calligraphy on T-shirts was neither the first glimpse of Iranian culture in the west, nor did that idea even originate with you. (Hint: see Hushi.) Can I get a slice of humble pie for the dude in the shiny tee, please?
  • 1 February 2012
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